April 12, 2021

The best sheets for kids

  • Kids’ bedsheets need to keep children warm and cozy while matching their personal style and general aesthetics of the room and home.
  • Our pick for the best kids’ sheets come from Crate and Kids for their vast selection of organic linens and designs that kids and parents will both appreciate.

Buying the best sheets for your child means taking into consideration various factors. First, you need to select the right size linens for their mattress, be it a toddler, twin bed, twin XL, or full.

Then, consider the room’s aesthetics, your kid’s interests, and how quickly’ tastes can change. Your child may love dinosaurs this week, but next week, will be more into robots or unicorns. And while you may love one color, your child might not. 

However, a good set of kids’ sheets should last a few years, which is good since many are expensive. Cheaper sheets are also available, in case you do want to give in to the whim of the moment. Just know that thinner, lower-quality sheets won’t last forever. Additionally, be sure to buy sheets that are not only comfortable but appropriate for the season. For example, don’t choose flannel in summer.

Finally, here’s a tip from my own experience: If you’re purchasing a backup set of sheets, make them as neutral as possible. This way, you won’t get pushback when the go-to options aren’t available, and you’ll be able to use them again for other children or guests.

Here are the best kids’ sheets:

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