April 13, 2021

This one-off, record-holding boat has a Ferrari race engine and a $12 million price tag — see the 1952 Arno XI

  • The 1952 Ferrari Arno XI is a record-holding race boat that uses the engine from a Ferrari Formula One race car.
  • It currently still holds the world record in the flying kilometer, according to its sale listing at DuPont Registry.
  • The Arno XI is for sale for $12 million.
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Here’s a boat that you’ve probably never heard of before, or seen in even your most bizarre dreams: the 1952 Ferrari Arno XI. Yes, it’s real. And yes, it’s for sale. 

Built to break the world speed record on water, it was proposed by Italian maritime racer Achille Castoldi, according to the listing on DuPont Registry. The boat uses a twin-supercharged, race-prepared engine out of a Ferrari Formula One race car. 

The DuPont listing doesn’t include the price of the Arno XI, but a representative for the seller told Business Insider they’re asking $12 million. 

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