April 14, 2021

This startup designed rentable backyard offices built out of used shipping containers — see inside the tiny workspaces

  • Startup OotBox created temporary tiny offices out of shipping containers.
  • They’re available to lease starting at $1,500 per month.
  • The containers are delivered by truck, and just need to be plugged into a standard outlet. 
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Since March, millions of people around the world have been forced to figure out how to work from home, from improvised office space to quick childcare solutions. 

Startup OotBox’s answer comes in the form of a 10-foot shipping container turned office. The name comes from founder Robbie Friedman’s need for a third space outside of the office and home to talk to clients, which became an “out of the box” idea. OotBox started offering the units in June and promotes them as a space solution anywhere, from a backyard to coffee shops to hospitals.

Other companies created similar designs, with tiny backyard offices, modular meeting rooms within an office, and even small partitions to divide off a workspace in the home. OotBox’s model is different than the rest of these options, though.

Most of these small offices are selling for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, but OotBox is a rental, starting at $1,500 per month. This could certainly be more appealing to many potential users, who might not plan to work from their backyards indefinitely. An OotBox spokesperson told Business Insider by email that when the lease is over, the company truck comes to unplug and take away the container. She also said that the OotBox becomes profitable after about 12-14 months into a lease. 

On the OotBox website, the company favorably compares its prices to buying a typical work pod, which it says usually cost $5,000 to $20,000, while OotBoxes can be rented for as little as two months. 

Take a look.