April 13, 2021

This 1950s Corvette clone is actually a $160,000 hybrid sports car out of China — check out the SS Dolphin

  • Songsan Motors showed off its SS Dolphin at Auto China, and one could say the car goes a bit past honoring the first-generation Chevy Corvette. 
  • The SS Dolphin takes its general shape and design from the 1958 Corvette, but adds in some modern elements such as plug-in hybrid technology. 
  • It will cost $159,900 in North America, according to Songsan — roughly the cost of two nicely optioned 2020 Corvettes. 
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Car shows typically offer a glimpse toward the future, giving automakers the chance to show off forward-looking concepts and designs. But this year’s Auto China event in Beijing showcased some new vehicles that looked all too familiar. 

At the show, China’s Songsan Motors displayed its SS Dolphin sports car, which it unabashedly modeled on the 1958 Chevrolet Corvette. The car sports quad headlamps, a shiny vertically slotted grille, a convertible hardtop, and an overall shape that screams Corvette. 

But the SS Dolphin also has a few things the original ‘Vette did not, including a hybrid powertrain and a sticker price of nearly $160,000 in North America. 

Take a closer look at the SS Dolphin below.