April 13, 2021

Major US companies are joining a crusade to give workers time off to vote on Nov. 3. From Apple to Salesforce, here are all the tech companies that are onboard.

  • Major tech companies like Twitter and Salesforce are giving their employees Election Day off in order to vote. 
  • Others, like Apple and Facebook, are encouraging employees to volunteer to be poll workers. 
  • Several tech firms have joined a movement called “Time To Vote,” which aims to give US workers more flexibility to cast their ballots on Election Day.
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As Election Day approaches, the challenges that come with trying to cast a ballot in the US are becoming more apparent. 

Even in pre-pandemic times, US voter turnout was low. This year, the coronavirus pandemic will make voting even more challenging, with the US facing a potential shortage of poll workers and many voters nervous about voting by mail.

Now, corporate America is responding in order to help increase voter turnout. 

Hundreds of major firms have instituted new policies in order to encourage their workers to vote, or to help out at their local polling places. Many of these companies have joined the “Time To Vote” movement, an organization whose goal is to increase voter turnout by making it easier for US workers to find time to vote. 

Retail companies have led the way in encouraging their employees to become poll workers, and now tech companies are responding in kind. 

From Salesforce to Apple, here are all the tech companies so far who are changing their policies around Election Day.