March 3, 2021

The 7 best moon lamps of 2021, including ones that levitate and change colors
  • As the name implies, moon lamps are night lights that look like mini moons and emit a soothing glow.
  • These portable lamps often offer unique features like built-in speakers or the ability to float. 
  • The BRIGHTWORLD Moon Lamp is our top pick because of its detailed moon graphic and bright glow.

Moon lamps are like the cooler older sister of standard night lights. Sure to brighten any room, their calming moon visuals and soothing color options make them a unique gift or an aesthetically pleasing home decor piece to add to a bedroom or office. A good moon lamp has a detailed graphic that’s illuminated by vivid colors and can stand alone for hours on end or lull you into a peaceful sleep. We found the best choices with desirable features, from a cool galaxy design to built-in speakers and more.

Here are the best moon lamps